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Western North Carolina Web Design
Over the last 25 years, we’ve seen Western North Carolina Web Design Companies come and go!

When choosing a Western North Carolina Web Design Company, always Check their Customer References. Always How Long they’ve been in the web design business!

“You’re not just designing a website – You’re creating a Long Term Business Relationship with your Web Designer!”

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New Web Designs Only Please

Western North Carolina Web Design
Most websites fail W3C Validation and contain hundreds of coding errors per page. For this reason, we are unable to take over any website. It’s often easier for us to start over from scratch and recode the website in Error Free HTML Code, than fix all of your coding errors.

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Western North Carolina Web Design
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Web Designs Made in America

Western North Carolina Web Design
Our custom websites are designed in Western North Carolina. We don’t outsource any web design work!

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“You’re one of the best web design companies to deal with! You’re responsive, helpful, and most of all professional!”
Rick Retana, Manager

“Thanks so much for your oversight on this process! I want you to know you really helped get me and I really appreciate it!”
Lori Hall, Manager
Carolina Street Rods

“Thanks for all you’ve done for us. Your response to our needs have been quick and extremely professional yielding great results!”
Bill Godwin, Manager
Freedom Electech

“I know I thank you a lot, but the more I read and compare things, the more I realize how good a website you designed. Looking at my crawl stats, what some consider good, it looks like we‘re doing great!”
Jerry Consorti, Owner
Keystone Auto Electrical

“Our business has increased ten times from our new website! We love your web design company, and recommend you to everyone!”
Jennifer Greene, Owner
Greene Tree Farm

“What you have designed is far greater than my old website. I’m not picky for most part, but I do appreciate good quality workmanship!”
Steve Alsop, Owner

“I just want to thank you for the great work you have done. Above all I really appreciate how easy you were to work with. You did exactly what you said you would do and you did it incredibly fast!”
Jonas Horwitz, MD
Jonas Horwitz

“Thanks so much for your website assistance. You’re always so fast to respond, and so helpful!”
Janet Calhoun, Owner
Traditions Pottery

“With your help we are able to design this website and a whole lot more. We are really happy. It will be our pleasure to refer anyone that might be interested in web design to you.”
Peter Naranjo, Owner
Designer Nets

“Thank you for all your help designing such a fine website. It’s been a big help marketing my book, and I’ve gotten many positive comments on my website!”
Douglas Butler, Author
North Carolina Civil War Monuments
A Walk Atop America

“I have been getting more orders. People are always commenting what a professional, beautiful website design I have. I give all the credit to Blue Ridge Media!”
Hawk Hurst, Musician & Storyteller
Hawk Hurst Flutes

“I had someone look at the condos and they said the pictures were good, but they loved our new website! It was one of the best they had ever seen.”
Terri Voyles, Manager
Fenton Condo Rentals

“I’m sitting here working on my marketing and thinking how much you’ve helped me over the years. You helped me clean up my attempts at Photoshop, recommended Becotech and built my website. You maintain my website and make my requested changes, and in general make being online and actually searchable possible for me. Thanks again.”
Jerry Consorti, Owner
Keystone Auto Electrical

“The website has been phenomenal in building my tree business, so thank you so much for your great work!”
Burl Greene, Owner
Greene Tree Farm

“Thank you for your patience and support with my website. It looks incredible, and it’s moved to the first page in the search engines.”
Aleta Higgins, Owner
Frugal Gourmet Catering Company

“My new journalism website looks FANTASTIC!”
Kathy Shiels Tully, Writer / Journalist
Kathy Shiels Tully

“Everything looks great! Thank you for making this process easy!”
Chef Ed Winebarger
Earthworks Catering

“I love the new website. I’ve received lots of positive feedback. It looks so much more professional than my old website!”
Chase Ambler
Headwaters Enterprises, Inc.

“I just want to say that when I found you on the internet for ‘Auto Electrical Repairs’ but I forgot to put in the City and State. You have great search engine placement! I work for a web developing company and I notice things like that. So whomever is doing your website, they are doing an excellent job for you!”
Mysty, Web Designer
Keystone Auto Electrical

“All of our websites come up great in the major search engines. I don’t think any business could expect better results!”
Steven Chase, Founder
Chase Music & Entertainment

“I just got two recent jobs from our new website. Thank you very much!”
Donnette Brown, RN
BeFit Health Services

“Thanks for taking such good care of our website needs. It’s a pleasure to work with an attentive and professional web design company like yours!”
Caroline McGuire, Owner
McGuire Construction

“Blue Ridge Media are excellent at what they do, you’ll love working with them!”
Eileen Gady, Owner
Gadabouts Catering

“I am staying quite busy. The time and effort spent last winter on our new web design seems to be paying off. Thanks for all your help!”
McKiever Hunter, Owner
1 Call Today

“Thanks again for your hard work. The website looks great and we continue to be pleased with it and your efforts on our behalf.”
Stuart Cohen, Architect
Cohen & Hacker Architects

“When you do something you do it right. I still have people bragging about our website, and we’re doing great in the search engines, I really appreciate that.”
Burl Greene, Owner
Greene Tree Farm

“We’re very pleased with the new sculptures website and excited to see it go live so quickly!”
David R. Nelson, Artist
David R. Nelson Sculptures

“I have been happy to have the new website. I was dubious about its usefulness and certainly about dealing with the process, but am glad that with your support I pressed on. Just thought I’d let you hear from a satisfied client.”
Dr. Ann Baker, Ph.D.
Dr. Ann Baker

“I just got my first order from the new website! Caller from OK wanting to send flowers to a friend here in town! AWESOME!”
Brenda Church, Owner
ShayBrey Florist

“Our new website is awesome. We love it! Thank you so much.”
Angie Woodard, Manager
Last Chance Fireworks Store

“The new website has only been up a week and I’ve had 2 requests for a stay already so THANK YOU!”
Vikki Woods, Innkeeper
Creekside Chalet

“Very happy with your work!”
John Buckley, Silversmith
Dark Hollow Silver

“The new website is looking great. We are very happy!”
Zebulon Roe, Owner
A 2 Z Roofing Company

“A Silicon Valley Refugee”

Western North Carolina Web Design
“You ain’t from around here...”
Prior to relocating to the remote Western North Carolina High Country and founding Blue Ridge Media, I was a Multimedia Developer and Programmer in Silicon Valley, California and in Austin, Texas.

I started designing websites back in 1995, while in the Technical Training Department, at Motorola SPS in Austin, Texas.

I served with The Fremont California Police Department for 5 years from 1988–1993 as a Volunteer in The Community Relations Department, where I worked on many of computer related and graphic projects and provided Apple Macintosh computer support to the unit.

Here are a few of my Professional References from my former Colleagues and Managers whom I worked closely over the years with in California and Texas...

Talk to a Professional Web Designer!

Contact Us Today: 1-828-265-2730

Our Professional References

“I worked with Scott at Motorola in Austin, TX. Scott has a rare blend of talents he is both very good at artistic design and layout and very technical with computer and programing skills. I have worked with many different people over the years and those distinct talents are usually like water and oil, they don’t mix at all. Scott has that Ying and Yang which makes him an exceptionally talented individual. You would be very lucky to have someone like Scott work for you.”
Jeff Hunter, Web Developer

“It truly is a pleasure having you in our group! I appreciate your creativity and talent that you bring. We are looking forward to some new challenges this year that will require your creative skills.”
Bob Bolander, Technical Training Manager

“Scott is a very gifted multimedia developer. When he worked for me at Motorola he was able to convert ideas and existing learning processes into multimedia modules. These modules enabled the knowledge to be on tap for our employees, cutting down training time off the job.”
Jim Menzies, Training Manager

Our Professional References

“Scott has served as a Volunteer for the Fremont Police Department from 1988 to 1993. He has assisted police officers, clerks, command staff, administrators, computer support personnel, etc., with many specialized computer related projects. Scott’s technical knowledge, experience and personal skills will be a tremendous asset to any company. I would highly recommend Scott.”
Craig T. Steckler, Chief of Police
Fremont Police Department

“I had an opportunity to have Scott working for me in Community Relations of the Fremont Police Department. He helped develop the Desktop Publishing / Video for our department. He was very capable and great asset. I have always found him to be an excellent person to work with and an absolute wizard in graphic arts.”
Ray Torrez, Police Officer
Fremont Police Department

“Scott is a hard working and creative individual. Scott is trusted and respected, which is equal to his camaraderie and friendship.”
Richard Greenwalt, Facilities Manager
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Western North Carolina Web Design