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Quality Web Design W3C Validation

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
Just because you’ve hired a Professional North Carolina Website Design Company, doesn’t mean your website will be Error Free...

Validate Your Website

Passing W3C Validation isn’t too difficult – Assuming your Web Designer knows what they’re doing! If your website failed, maybe it’s time to hire a Professional Quality Web Design Company, such as Blue Ridge Media!

Quality Coded Custom Web Designs

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
All of our Custom Web Designs are Quality Hand Coded With Care, using Standard HTML Code. Each web page is 100% Error Free and pass W3C Validation.

W3C Validation is the Internet Quality Control Standard for all Web Designs. W3C Validation verifies that your website’s HTML Code is Correct and Error Free, so it will function correctly, and look identical on different browsers and different mobile devices.

Boone North Carolina Web Design

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
Our custom websites are designed in North Carolina. We don’t outsource any work overseas! We code each website using Standard HTML code, that passes W3C Validation.

Unlike some some North Carolina web designers, we don’t use buggy, off the shelf, foreign made templates!

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