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How To Use FiLMiC Remote For Videography, Filmmaking and Cinematography

FiLMiC Remote

FiLMiC Remote User Guide and Manual For Beginners

Version 3.7.6

What’s New

• Added ProRes Support.
• Support for ProRes LogV3+.

FiLMiC Remote For FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Remote turns your Apple iPad or 2nd Apple iPhone (We recommend an Apple iPhone 8) into a powerful Companion Application to FiLMiC Pro that opens up avenues of creativity that have traditional cost production crews thousands.

In FiLMiC Pro Settings: Remote Control –> Enable If Using FiLMiC Remote.

FiLMiC Remote Runs in Three Modes: Control, Monitor and Director.

In this FiLMiC Remote User Guide, you’ll Learn How To Use FiLMiC Remote to Control and Monitor FiLMiC Pro.

FiLMiC Remote Monitor Mode

Control Mode

Provides the standard FiLMiC Pro interface for complete remote camera control over hard to reach camera placements such as sliders, jib arms, car mounts, microphone stand or other compelling live event camera placements. Set up your FiLMiC Pro Camera Device and then control all settings and recordings from the Remote Device (2nd Apple iPhone or Apple iPad):

• Start/Stop Record Functions.
• Focus/Exposure Reticle Placement and Locking.
• Dual Arc Slider Manual Controls for Focus and Exposure.
• Pull-to-point Focus and Exposure Pulls.
• Create and Load FiLMiC Pro presets from FiLMiC Remote.

FiLMiC Remote Monitor Mode

Monitor Mode

Gives you cinema production capability for a fraction of the cost, offering a four-up display with the following powerful analytics:

• Video Preview: Reference video for use with analytics screens.
• Waveform Monitor: Visually identifies signal brightness segmented from left to right across a video feed. Used in conjunction with the video preview it can provide a quick snapshot of brightness in your video.
• Vectorscope: Displays color saturation, by channel, across the entire image.
• Histograms: RGB composite, Luminance, Zone and RGB channel.

FiLMiC Remote Director Mode

Director Mode

Provides a Clean Video Preview. This is perfect for providing a director, producer or crew with a device to monitor the production remotely.

You can switch between modes on the fly to check analytics and composition. Remote can also be set up in ‘Preview Only’ mode allowing a camera operator to perform all controls from the device running FiLMiC Pro and allowing the Remote to be used solely for monitoring.

FiLMiC Remote

FiLMiC Remote Notes

• The use of FiLMiC Remote on one iOS device requires the simultaneous use of FiLMiC Pro on an additional IOS device. Both IOS devices must be running iOS 13 or later.
• FiLMiC Remote connects to FiLMiC Pro using Wi-Fi either on an established network or using a peer-to-peer network (Where a Wi-Fi network is not present).
• FiLMiC Remote can connect to any Apple iPhone or Apple iPad running FiLMiC Pro. It is not cross platform.

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