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Ad • Find The Best Apple iPhone Video Bags

How To Use Apple Video Bags and Cases For Videography, Filmmaking and Cinematography

Moment 4 Lens Case

Apple iPhone Video Bags and Cases

This Compact Moment 4 Lens Case, which holds all of our Apple iPhone Video Gear. This small case fits into the Coach Leather Pacer Backpack and the Leather Cross Body Sling Bag.

It holds the Lapel Microphone, 4 Moment Lenses, Camera Filters and Filter Adapters. The Moment 4 Lens Case is configured with the following Apple iPhone Video Gear and Apple iPhone Video Accessories.

Note: The Following List Contains Amazon Affiliate Links
Moondog Labs Filter Mount
Moment 58mm 2x Telephoto Lens
Moment Blue Flare Anamorphic Lens
Moment Gold Flare Anamorphic Lens
Moment Filter Mount Adapter
Moment Lens Cleaning Pen
Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes
Magicfiber Cleaning Cloth
10,000 mAh Mini Power Bank
90° USB-C to Lightning Cable
IOS Remote Control
CR2016 Lithium Battery
Disposable Shower Cap
Silica Gel Packs
Apple Apple SD Card Reader
SanDisk Extreme PRO 1TB SD Card
Moment 67mm CPL Filter
Moment 67mm Variable ND Filter (2–5 Stop)
Moment 52mm CPL Filter
Moment 52mm Variable ND Filter (2–5 Stop)

Camera Bags are a Personal Choice – Depending on Comfort, Style, Size and How Much Gear really need to take with you. We’ve listed several Camera Bags below, which will fit our Apple iPhone 13 Pro and the Moment 4 Lens Case.

Camera Bags and Cases

Moment 2 Lens Pouch
Ad • Moment 2 Lens Pouch
This Moment Attachable 2 Lens Pouch comes in Tan Leather or Black Leather and is the best way to carry 1 or 2 of your Moment Lenses on any Videography adventure. Weatherproof and Low Profilt, it attaches to your backpack strap for quick access to your Moment Lenses. Press fit your lenses into the foam inserts, zip it up and you’re ready to go.

Size: 4.2” Long x 2.2” Wide x 1.8” Thick.

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Moment 4 Lens Case
Ad • Moment 4 Lens Case
This new and improved Moment 4 Lens Case is made with weatherproof materials and ruggedized construction. It can carry up to 4 Moment lenses, cables, memory cards, and a micro tripod. Each pocket is lined with microfiber so you can trust your glass is safe. Features 3 dedicated SD card pockets with velcro closure, two small mesh pouches for cables and small items that get lost in your camera bag.

Size: 8.2” Long x 6.8” Wide x 2.4” Thick.

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Moment Fanny Sling Pack
Ad • Moment Fanny Sling Pack
This is our daily, go to Canvas Fanny Sling Pack. Its comfortable, adjustable, and fits your daily carry. Features a double waterproof exterior coating. The interior organization was intuitively designed so iPhone Video Gear management is simple. Features include microfiber lined pocket for Moment Lenses, and a special iPhone sleeve for iPhones with Moment Lenses attached. Perfect to carry your Apple iPhone with a couple of Moment Lenses.

Size: 12” Long x 4.3” Wide x 5.7” Tall.

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Coach Leather Pacer Backpack
Ad • Coach Leather Pacer Backpack
If you are into Quality Leather Products, this Coach Leather Pacer Backpack features an two inside cell phone pockets. This Leather Backpack holds our Moment 4 Lens Case and the Zhiyun Smooth 5 Gimbal in the case, with a 10,000 mAh Mini Power Bank for Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Gimbal Charging. Dual Side Webbing can hold a Small iPhone Tripod. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Size: 17” Tall x 9.25” Wide x 5.25” Thick.

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Leather Sling Bag
Ad • Ultra Compact Leather Sling Bag
We have been searching for the Perfect Grab-N-Go Minimalist Apple iPhone Video Bag for some time now. Most Commercial Camera Bags are too big and too heavy for every day carry. We found this Quality Leather Cross Body Sling Bag For Apple iPhone which holds the Moment 4 Lens Case perfectly with the 10,000 mAh Mini Power Bank, which keeps the Apple iPhone 13 Pro charged. The Zhiyun Smooth 5 Gimbal will not fit in this small bag. Front Flap will fit an Apple iPhone 13 Pro in Moment Case.

Size: 12.6” Tall x 6.7” Wide x 2.2” Thick.

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