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Internet Marketing Services

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
It’s not enough to design a website – We’ll also help you market it. Our Internet Marketing Services include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Submissions, Social Media Promotion, Google Page Rank Score Consulting, and Branding Icons, including Favicons and Apple Touch Icons. These valuable Internet Marketing Services are included.

Search Engine Submissions (SES)

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
Search Engine Submissions are performed once your website is online. We’ll submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing. These directories are used by other search engines. We’ll continue to submit your website until a Google PageRank Score is assigned. We’ll update your sitemap’s date and Webmaster’s Tools whenever we make changes to your website.

Your Google Page Rank Score

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
Your Google PageRank Score is an external measurement score, from 0–10, that increments exponentially. It measures the number of inbound links, and the quality of those inbound links, and assigns a score to your website. Being external, this prevents any web designers from tweaking your website to get a higher Google PageRank Score.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
Search Engine Optimization is the most important element of your website – But it’s often overlooked! We’ll work with you to select the best keywords for your business, and then implement them into every page, then monitor your SEO results using Google Analytics. Our Top Ten Ranking SEO Results speak for themselves.

Social Media Promotions

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
We’ll help you promote your new website on Social Media websites by adding Social Media Promotions to your website. We can also add Google Plus and Facebook Like Buttons. If you already have Social Media Accounts, you’ll need to add your website to your Social Media Pages. Have your Business Associations link to your new website!

Apple Touch Icons and Favicons

Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design
We’ll create two types of branding icons using your business logo. The First is an Apple Touch Icon, which appears as an app on any Apple IOS iPhone, iPad or iPod, making it easier to access your website from any Apple mobile device. The Second is a Favicon, which is a small icon that appears in the address bar and the bookmarks.
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