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Genealogy Research Services with DNA

North Carolina Genealogy Research Service DNA Verification
DNA can help verify that your Genealogy Research is accurate. For DNA Collection Services, we recommend 23andMe which can normally take 2 to 3 weeks to process your DNA Results. This is the First Step to finding out who you are and where you came from!

Researching your Family Tree can often be a difficult task, especially if you’re not an Professional Genealogy Expert.

Genealogy Research Services!

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We Build Online Family Tree Websites

North Carolina Genealogy Research Service DNA Verification
Having your Family Tree Website online has many advantages over the old style paper book style – Especially being easily accessible online to everyone in your family, anywhere in the world!

We’ll build your Online Family Tree Website using MyHeritage, which is free for you to use (up to 250 relatives), is interactive, easy to use, navigate, maintain and update yourself.

Let Us Research Your Family Tree!

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Our Genealogy Research Services

North Carolina Genealogy Research Service DNA Verification
Where available, we’ll research your family’s:
• Birth Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• Census Reports
• Year Book Records
• Miliary Service Records
• Death Certificates
• Old Family Photos
• Immigration Records
• Biographies and Obituaries
• Other Family Information

Discover Who You Are Made Of!

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The Darker Side of Genealogy Research

North Carolina Genealogy Research Service DNA Verification
Most Family Trees have been sanitized over the years by relatives, and don’t contain biological results of adoptions, abandonment, incest, rape, affairs, one night stands, prostitution and other dark family secrets no one wants to ever talk about or ever be discovered – Until Now!

Why DNA Verification? Many Family Trees Lie – But DNA Always Tells the Truth! Do you want to know your real biological Family Tree, or one that has been sanitized by your parents or your grandparents?

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Modern DNA Analysis is a lot like Modern GPS Mapping, which has proven many old Maps and Surveys to be incorrect.

This Is Not an Exact Science!
Genealogy Research is a lot like putting a puzzle together, often with a few pieces missing or with pieces from different puzzle (another family). We can only use what records are publically available. The last U.S. Census available is from 1940. The 1950 U.S. Census won’t be available until 2020!

Written Genealogy Records are often inaccurate and sometimes contradict themselves. For example, the father reported on a Marriage Certificate, might not be the biological father (who wants to put “unknown” as their father), or the birth year reported on a Military Enlistment Form might not be the real birth date (lied about their age to join the Military). The spelling of Family Name’s often get changed at points of Immigration, due to different languages and accents. Census reports are often inaccurate regarding the age and names of residents, due to the census taker’s handwriting.

Our Genealogy Research Service Fees – For our Genealogy Research Time, we charge by the hour, plus a small one time Family Tree Setup Fee. You set your budget, which depends on how far back you want to dig and how much time you want us to spend researching your Family Tree or one specific person.

Services We Provide – We will prepare your Family Tree on MyHeritage, under your personal User ID and Password. You can print out your Pedigree Tree, Photos and all Documents that we have collected.

Having signed the Official Secret Act, your DNA and Family Tree Results are Top Secret and Confidential.

Confidential and Top Secret

North Carolina Genealogy Researchers!

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Genealogy Research – Success Stories

Grandmother Raped in the 1920’s
“My father was born an illegitimate child. His mother’s family was running a boarding house for young men who worked in the local steel mills. K.S. was a boarder there in the 1920’s, who came from eastern Canada. He got my grandmother pregnant (she was 15 at the time). My father was born later that year. I have no more information about K.S. after that. Of course, back then everything was kept such a big secret. My grandmother kept his name from us up until her death bed. Since then, I have been trying to find out about him for many years with no luck. Can you help me add K.S. to my Family Tree?”
M.S. – Ontario, Canada

Using her DNA Results and Genealogy Research, we were able to identify her great-grandfather, K.S. and Build her Family Tree Website. We discovered that K.S. was from the country of Newfoundland. His family immigrated from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia. K.S. was listed on the Nova Scotia census. His father also worked in the Steel Mills. His grandmother turned out to be the heron who had saved many lives on a ship wreck, so a bitter sweet ending to solving her Family Tree Mystery.

Long Lost Father Found
“When I was 14, my mother told me that my father, who she was currently married to, wasn’t my biological father. I was shocked! My mother claimed to have been raped while serving in the U.S. Army by someone from the Midwest. Ever since then, I have been trying to find out who my biological father is. I could really use your research help!”
P.W. – North Carolina

Using her DNA Results and within a few hours of Genealogy Research, we were able to locate her biological father, who had recently died, plus a half brother, who lived nearby, and was born in her mother’s home town. She decided not to proceed any further.

Grandfather Identified
“I am looking for information on my late Mom’s family. She was adopted in Illinois after being taken to an orphanage by a family friend. Her birth name was B.J.H., born in January 1949, possibly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Can you help find her?”
T.H. – Wisconsin

Since all Adoption Records were sealed by the courts, we began searching the 1949 Newspapers from Milwaukee looking for birth announcements (You can’t seal Old Newspapers). We finally found a baby girl listed a few days after her birth, with the same last name of the father. The father traveled on the Lakers between New York and Milwaukee, and was from one of the small towns in Upstate New York, which is cross referenced in her DNA Family.

Experienced Family Tree Researchers!

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Famous Canadian Ancestor Discovered
“I had often heard family stories that my family’s name might be related to the famous Canadian Rebel and founder of Manitoba, Louis Riel, but we spell our last name differently. My father was born in Massachusetts, not in Canada. Can you help?”
N.R. – Massachusetts

Using his DNA Results, DNA Paternal Haplogroup and Genealogy Research, we started with a 1955 Obituary Newspaper Clipping from his great-great-grandfather Riel. The Riel family was actually French Canadian, and had immigrated down from Quebec to work in the mills in Massachusetts. At that time, they had changed the French spelling of their family name to an English version, possibly to blend in. From there we traced his Family Tree back to Quebec, then to Louis Riel’s brother and his Father. (Louis Riel has no living dependents). Louis Riel’s Family Tree goes way back to the first settlers in Nouveau France (Quebec, Canada) into the early 1600’s and to 18 “Filles Du Roi”, then back into France and eventually to Limerick, Ireland. N.R.’s Paternal Haplogroup also goes back to Limerick, Ireland, the same town Louis Riel’s grandfather was born in.

Both Birth Parents Discovered
“My adoption documents (which are now lost) stated that my birth mother was 19 and my birth father was 21 (I think). It listed their interests and health background with a visual description of each. It also said that they were not married and that one or both was a student. That’s really all I know about them. I was given up for adoption at birth in 1970. Illinois is a pretty tough state to find information regarding birth parents, or so I've been told. So about a year ago, 23andMe found a 1st cousin of mine. It went so far as to say that this person’s Mother’s Sister would have been my birth mother. I was very excited and immediately sent a message to her thinking I would finally be learning about my birth family. She replied asking about what I knew (if anything) about my birth parents. When I responded with a full description of everything I knew, ALL communication came to a halt. I’m not sure if I was a family secret that had been revealed, or what happened on her end. It was possibly one of the most deflating things I’ve ever experienced. I reached out to her about 3 or 4 more times with no response. Can you help?”
J.R. – Illinois

His First Cousin’s family was well known in the community and very wealthy, which could be why all communications suddenly stopped. Using multiple DNA Results and Relative’s Family Trees, we were able to identify his biological father, who was born in 1950 of German decent. Searching High School Year Books, we were able to identify his First Cousin's Mother and Father, and her younger sister (his mom), all who attended the same High School. His mother had dropped out of High School for a year and then later returned back into the same grade (probably to have J.R.). His biological father passed away a few years ago, but his mother is still alive. They never married. Family Tree Updated.

Experienced Family Tree Researchers!

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