Blue Ridge Media – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

We recommend setting up a short face to face meeting in either Blowing Rock or Boone, NC, to go over your web design project, ideas and goals. For remote customers, we can Facetime Video Conference or just Talk On The Phone. We’ll need your billing address and contact information, plus the First Page Deposit, before we begin any design work on your new website.

Contact Information:
Blue Ridge Media
PO Box 1571
Blowing Rock, NC 28605-1571
E-Mail Us

US$ Payment can be in the form of Cash, Check, Money Order or Amazon Gift Card can be paid with a Credit Card. Remainder due within 30 days of website going live.

How Much Do You Charge For a Website?

Our Website Rates are Based on the Number of Pages (tabs), the Type of Pages (E-commerce/Photo Gallery/E-Mail Form) and the Number of Photos on each page. Unlike many of our competitors, we will design 1 page websites.

Please have a idea of how many Pages (tabs) your website will require before contacting us. Call us at 828-265-2730 for a Free Website Quote.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Currently, we offer 15% off for all 501c Non Profits and to Blowing Rock NC Chamber Members.

What’s Included In My New Website?

Each Blue Ridge Media Website Includes the Following:
Up to 4 Photos per Page (Photoshop Processing)*
Unique Page Meta Tags – Title, Description and Keywords
Search Engine Submissions – Google, Yahoo and Bing
jQuery – Slideshows, Page Popups and Photo Popups
Videos – Embedded or Popup YouTube Videos
Mobile Websites – Passes Google’s Mobile Friendly Test
Google Web Fonts – Hundreds of Fonts to Choose From
Apple Touch Icon – App Button for Apple Mobile Devices
Favicon - Tiny Branding Icon for Bookmarks / Address Line
External Javascript E-Mail Encoding – Reduces SPAM
E-Commerce Available using either Mals or Paypal**
robots.txt – Robots Control Access File
sitemap.xml – Registered to Google’s Webmaster’s Tools
.htaccess – Unix Server Controls, Page Remapping
$10 per Month Website Hosting – Available from Becotech
E-Mail Accounts @ Domain Name – Available from Becotech
Secure Site Certificate from Becotech – HTTPS vs. HTTP
1 Year Free Listing – For Local Sites

*Fees Apply for the Photoshop Processing of any Additional Photos ($15 per photo), over the standard limit of 4 Photos per Page. This typically applies to Photo Gallery Pages and Slideshows.

**Fees Apply for the complex E-Commerce Coding of each E-Commerce Product ($30 per E-Commerce item includes 1 photo).

What About Customer Support?

Blue Ridge Media is open from 9–5, Monday through Friday, not just after school or on weekends.

We’ve been in the Computer Support Business since 1979, back with many of our junior Web Design competitors were still discovering 24 bit color by Crayola!

We’ve been designing Commercial Websites since 1995! Since we don’t work out of “Mom’s Basement”, we’ll be here when you need us in the future!

There is NO CHARGE for our Web Design Technical Support. When you call Blue Ridge Media – You won’t get dropped into a Phone Tree, have to press 1 for English, or be connected to someone overseas who can’t speak English! That’s not how we run our U.S. web design business!

You’ll talk directly to one of our English Speaking, American web designers, right here in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Do You Subcontract Any of Your Web Designs?

Never! Oursourcing web designs can often cause many delays and many unseen technical issues. Unlike some of our competitors, who outsource their web designs overseas, your Website Design and Coding is done right here in North Carolina, U.S.A.

How Long Will This Take?

Designing a website is like assembling a huge puzzle of many text blocks, coding elements and various sized photographs. Once we have all of your web design pieces in house, most of our websites are online within 3 to 5 business days – Not weeks or months! A good portion of our time is spent on the Detailed Photoshop Processing of your photos.

What Kind Of Website Coding Do You Use?

Our Custom Websites are Quality Hand Coded With Care using Standard HTML Code, which has been around since the beginning of the Internet. Standard HTML code can be opened and edited with any Simple Text Editor, and is very fast to execute.

We don’t use Proprietary Code such as Word Press, PHP, Joomla, FrontPage or any other Control Panel Type of Web Design Interface that requires special Server Side Software to execute the website. Server Side Software overhead can add to your page load times, and needs to be constantly updated and maintained by the Hosting Company.

Can I Update My Website Myself?

We use Standard HTML Code means We Design – We Update. Unless you have an extensive knowledge of HTML Coding, please leave the HTML updates to us.

What Do You Charge for Website Updates?

If it takes longer to print your invoice, your website changes are FREE (anything under 10 minutes). These FREE updates include adding or changing a link, simple copy and paste text changes, and any exact size photo replacements.

We do charge for adding Additional Web Pages and for Photoshop Processing of Photos ($15 per photo).

What About Domain Name Registration?

Existing Domain Names

If your Google Page Rank Score is 0, you might already have problems with Duplicate Content or have been Banned by Google – This is Not Good. Make sure you don’t have multiple domain names pointing to a single website, which is considered Duplicate Content. You might have to disconnect any duplicate domain names before we begin. Domain names that have never been submitted to Google might have a N/A Score. Duplicate Content is easy to detect, so if we can find it, so can Google.

You will need to have your Domain Name User ID and Password so that the DNS (Domain Name Server) can be point to our Affiliate Hosting Company, Becotech. Please provide Becotech with your this information. We do not store any customer passwords for Domain Name Registration or Customer E-Mail Accounts.

Your Domain Name must be registered to you, and the information on file with your domain name company must be current and correct – If not, please correct it before moving it to Becotech. Becotech can assist you with this often complex process. Becotech can be reached at 1-888-323-2326 (Pacific Time).

New Domain Names

If you do not have a domain name registered, you can Register Your Domain Name Now, and setup hosting with Becotech at the same time.

Domain names are always registered to you, and never to the web designer or hosting company. Becotech can be reached at 1-888-323-2326 (Pacific Time).

Incorrect Domain Names can cause significant delays in getting your new website online. Blue Ridge Media does not store or maintain any Domain Name Registration Information, User IDs or Passwords. Domain Name Registration is strictly between you and your Domain Name Registration Company, such as Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc.

Register Only One Domain per Physical Web Site. Multiple Domain names tied to the same website will be flagged as Duplicate Content and get banned from the major search engines.

Do You Offer Search Engine Submissions?

All new domain names start out with a Google Page Rank Score of 0, so don’t worry. It can take 3–4 months to get a Google Page Rank Score. We will submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing once a month until you obtain a valid Google Page Rank Score.

Do You Provide Website Hosting with E-Mail?

You are free to use any hosting company you wish. We use and recommend Becotech. Becotech can register your Domain Name, setup Website Hosting, and setup your E-Mail associated with your domain name. Becotech can be reached at 1-888-323-2326 (Pacific Time). If you want an E-Mail address associated with your new Domain Name, please provide an E-Mail Address and Password to Becotech at this time. Website Hosting runs $10/month with E-Mail.

E-Mail is setup, serviced and handled by your Hosting Company – not by Blue Ridge Media. We do not maintain customer passwords for Domain Name Registration or E-Mail.

We will need your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) User ID and Password for your website hosting account, so that we can upload your website to your hosting company’s server.

Please let us know which E-Mail address you want to be used for your website’s E-Mail contact.

Becotech can assist you setting up an E-Mail address that is associated with your domain name. These look more professional than using a free E-Mail service such as gmail or hotmail, and are more secure.

What are Becotech’s DNS Servers?

The DNS (Domain Name Server) set in your Domain Name Registration points to the hosting company’s server where your website resided. The DNS information for Becotech is:


Becotech can assist you in changing this information within your Domain Registration Company, or you can do it yourself.

Do You Provide Online Traffic Recording?

Google Analytics is a Free Tracking Program that can be added to each of your web pages, which can provide you with detailed information about your website traffic. If you want to have this Free Service activated, please register your Domain Name at We’ll need the UA Number that they assign to your account.

What Keywords Should I Focus On?

Before you start writing your website content, think of a list of 10 or less keywords that you would want someone to search for you with – Ask your friends and family for suggestions. These keywords need to be incorporated into your front page text content, Title, Description and Headlines. Keywords can be single words, double words or triple words. Think like a customer – What would they search for to find your Business, Product or Service?

Do You Provide Secure HTTPS Websites?

All websites now hosted with Becotech will be automatically setup Secure HTTPS with a Security Certificate, meaning HTTP will become HTTPS.

Google highly recommends that all websites be secure with HTTPS, and will gain additional SEO points for doing so.

What’s Involved in a HTTP to HTTPS Conversion?

If you have an older, unsecure HTTP website with Becotech, we are offering to convert these websites over to HTTPS for a one time $75 conversion fee. This is a very complex 16 step process, which takes up to an hour to complete. If you have E-Mail addresses tied to your domain name, those must be moved to the new server as well. We would need your E-Mail Password to set this up for you.

Becotech E-Mail Can Be Checked at:

1) htaccess: Change all http to https. Redirect http to https.

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

2) Internal Site Links: Change all http to https. Include Mobile site.
3) sitemap.xml: Change all http to https.
4) robots.txt: Change http to https.
5) Internal Links: Change http to https.
6) Google Fonts: Change http to https.
7) Change all External Graphics: img src=http:// to img src=https://
This includes Counters, Buttons, Banners, etc. Delete ones that do not have https.
8) Upload New Site to Becotech. Wait for Domain Name Move.
9) Check or Add E-Mail Accounts.
10) Activate Security Certificate at Becotech.
11) Test Website For Security Certificate
12) Submit new HTTPS URL to Google and Bing
13) Webmaster Tools: Delete Old Site. Add New Site. Sitemap.
14) Stat Counter: Change http to https.
15) Update All Bookmarks.
16) Update Customer Database.

Still Have Additional Questions?

Blue Ridge Media
PO Box 1571
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
(828) 265-2730
Call For A Free Quote