“Do-It-Yourself Websites”: Bad For SEO

Leave Professional Work To The Professionals!

Do you do your own plumbing? How about your own electrical wiring? Web Designers are professions too.

There’s an old industry saying: “Leave Professional Work To The Professionals” and this is so true with “Do-It-Yourself Websites”.

Ask yourself these 5 Important Web Design Questions

1) “Do I know anything about Web Design?”
2) “Do I know anything about Graphic Design?”
3) “Do I know anything about Search Engine Optimization?”
4) “Do I know anything about Digital Photography or Photoshop?”
5) “Do I know anything about Internet Marketing?”

If you’ve answered “No” to any of these important questions, then it’s time to Hire a Professional Web Design Company, like Blue Ridge Media.

Hire a Professional Web Design Company for SEO

We’re often asked if we can fix or provide our Professional SEO Services to customers with “Do-It-Yourself Websites”. Many of these customers realize the huge mess they are in and are looking for a quick fix solution to get found in the major search engines.

The best solution is to Hire a Professional Web Design Company and start over from scratch, with a brand new Web Design designed by Professional Web Designers, using Standard HTML Coding, Effective Search Engine Optimization, Error Free Coding with W3C Validation and Affordable Website Hosting.

The Technical and SEO Issues...

Now on to The Techincal Issues with “Do-It-Yourself Websites”...

Techincal Support Issues

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” offer little or no Techincal Support. Many of their Technical Support is so poorly rated, we’ve listed many of their Customer Support Comments here...

Read About Their Customer Support

Adobe Flash

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” use Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is not Search Engine Friendly, because it contains no readable text, plus it doesn’t work at all on any Apple Mobile Device, such as Apple iPhones and Apple iPads – which is a very large percentage of your Mobile Customers. Google sees nothing there to index your website with! For this reason, we don’t use Adobe Flash in any of our websites!

W3C Validation Failures

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” don’t pass W3C Validation and can contain many HTML coding errors. Google actually prefers Error Free Websites! All of our websites pass W3C Validation for Quality HTML Coding and Error Free Web Design!

Validate Your Website

Did your website pass? If not, Contact Us at 828-265-2730!

Website Size Limitations

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” limit you to only a single page website. This results in very limited business exposure, limited keywords, fewer searches and less overall traffic to your Small Business. Our one page websites are easily expandable as your business grows!

SEO Meta Tags – Missing

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” are not Search Engine Optimized and restrict what you can include in your Meta Tags, which are very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Like Your Title, Keywords and Description. Our Proven SEO Results speak for themselves!

Webmasters Tools – Missing

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” are not Google Friendly. Google can’t index all of your website pages with their Google Webmaster Tools because you can’t include or submit a Google Sitemap. We maintain Google Sitemaps for every customer and we submit updated sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools for any and all website updates or changes.

Google Analytics – Missing

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” don’t let you add Google Analytics, resulting in little or no website traffic or performance data. We add Google Analytics tracking code into every web page.

Website Counters – Missing

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” don’t provide any visible website counters, so you have no idea how much traffic you are getting. We provide visible, Unique Visitor Counters on all web pages.

Website Templates – SEO Duplicate Content Issues

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” reuse the same Website Templates, over and over again, so your website looks like so many other websites – not Custom or Unique to your Small Business. You can also run into the issue of Duplicate Content, which Google frowns upon! Your Small Business is Unique, and so should your website. All of our Custom Websites are Hand Coded from scratch using Standard HTML Code and No Templates!

First Impressions – What Your Customers Think

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” make your Small Business look “Cheap” because you using a “Do-It-Yourself Website””, and you can’t afford a “Professional Website”. First Impressions can be very important your Small Business customers.

“Gibberish” Proprietary Code – Very Slow To Load

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” rely on server side engines to decode their “Gibberish” Proprietary Code which causes problems with Google, who looks for real text content, but sees nothing it can read or understand. Proprietary Code can result in slower load times, especially on G3 mobile devices. Slow loading websites result in lost traffic, because many users simply click off your website. We code all of our custom websites in Standard HTML Code which loads very quickly and requires no special server side decoding engines.

Sub-Domains – Bad For SEO

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” force you to use sub-domains, making your website’s address long and confusing, and are bad for SEO. Google also doesn’t index sub-domains the same as real domains.
We only use real domain names, not sub-domains.

Cheezy Banner Ads

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” force you to have their “Cheezy Banner Ad” stuck to the bottom of all of your web pages, unless you upgrade to their more expensive Banner Free Program. We don’t force you to put “Cheezy Banner Ads” on your website.

Little or No Technicial Support

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” have little or no Technical Support. If you do manage to get through to Technical Support, it’s often “Call Back Later Technical Support’ – not “Real Time Techincial Support”. Some Technical Support is often outsourced! If you want Technical Support, be prepared to pay for it in their expensive upgrade plans. Blue Ridge Media offers Real Time Techincal Support provided by English Speaking, American Citizens, located in North Carolina, USA!

Overpriced Hosting

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” are nothing more than Over Priced Hosting Companies providing do-it-yourself Website Templates. You’ll end up Renting – not Owning, your website from them – Forever, no matter what the cost. Our Affiliate Hosting Company, Becotech, runs only $12 per month, with E-Mail and Real Time Techical Support, which is far less than what “Do-It-Yourself” Websites charge for their “upgraded” Technical Support plans. Once you hit the Break Even Point, our Affordable Web Design Rates and Affordable Website Hosting comes out ahead!

Who Owns Your Domain Name?

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” register your domain name in their name, not yours, resulting in complex and costly delays, if you decide to move your website to another hosting company. With Becotech, your Domain Name will be registered to you and to you only. Find out who owns your domain name...

Who Owns Your Domain Name

Who Owns Your Website Content?

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” own your Content – your text and photos, so read their contracts very carefully as to who owns your website content. At Blue Ridge Media, you’ll always your own website content!

You Don’t Own Your Website – You Rent It

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” don’t let you move your website to a less expensive hosting company, such as Becotech, because you are actually renting your website – You don’t own it! This means all of the time and effort that went into designing your “Do-It-Yourself Website” will be lost forever, if you ever decide to move it. We don’t force you to use any one hosting company – You are free to use any hosting company you want.

No Website Backups and Emergency Recovery

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” don’t maintain backups of your website. If you make an online editing error or accidently delete a page, and it can’t be immediately recovered, because it’s live and the old copy is gone forever. We maintain website backups for all our customer’s websites, including text, original sized photos and other graphic construction files, such as layered Photoshop files.

No Graphic Support or Photo Editing

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” don’t help you edit your photographs, which can result in poor quality photos or very large files being published online – causing very long load times. When it comes to computer graphics, do you really know what you are doing with Photoshop? We have been using Adobe Photoshop since 1987 (Version 1.0 Beta) – We know what we’re doing!

SEO – Your Business Success Is At Risk!

• Many “Do-It-Yourself Websites” don’t care if your Small Business succeeds or not, because they are not in the customer service business – We are! We care about your Business Success and your Search Engine Optimization. We are here to help you grow your online business and be successful on the Internet. We like to say “We’re only as good as our last web design!”