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Blue Ridge Media North Carolina Web Design Company Boone NC – 15 Year Anniversary
Blue Ridge Media
15 Year Anniversary
1998 – 2013
Boone NC Web Design
Blowing Rock NC Web Design
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“Our business has increased ten times from our new website!”
~ Jennifer Greene
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Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design Questions

North Carolina Web Design by Blue Ridge Media – Frequently Asked Questions - FAQsWe are often asked many Web Design Questions about our Web Design Company and our SEO Services.

Build Your Own Website
Can I build my own website?
Web design can be a very frustrating experience, unless you proficient in Search Engine Optimization, HTML Coding, CSS, jQuery, Audio and Video Editing, Javascript and Photoshop Graphic Design to produce an error free, professional looking business website? Most businesses should hire a Professional Web Design Company.

I’ve seen FREE websites advertised a lot on TV lately. What’s the catch?
There’s an old saying ‘You get what you pay for’. These services are run by overpriced hosting companies, that RENT you your website – You don’t own it.

Ten Things They Don’t Tell You on TV...
1) You don’t own your website – They do!
2) You must host it with them – FOREVER!
3) There’s no Free Technical Support!
4) There’s no Search Engine Optimization!
5) There’s no Search Engine Submissions!
6) They don’t use Standard HTML Code – You can’t edit or fix their coding errors!
7) If you try to move it to a less expensive hosting company, you’ll lose EVERYTHING!
8) They’re often full of CODING ERRORS!
9) They don’t work very well in the Major Search Engines or on Mobile Platforms!
10) You’ll get their tacky ADVERTISING ADS stuck to the bottom of every web page, unless you pay them $30+ per month for their Premium Hosting Services. IT’S NOT REALLY FREE! Calculate how much extra their overpriced hosting will cost you over the next 3–5 years, plus all of the time that you’ve wasted building a website that’s totally incompatible with all other hosting services!

Still think it’s FREE?
Most of our new web design business comes from redesigning these so called ‘free websites’, because they just don’t work. Trust me on this – This is NOT something you want to operate your business on.

Do you provide SEO services for my website?
We provide our Top Ranking SEO Services only to our current web design customers. Our SEO services are included with every web design!

Do you charge extra for SEO?
Never. SEO is always included in your web design, in every web page. Some North Carolina Web Design Companies charge you extra for SEO. It would be a total waste of our time to design you a website without SEO, because your website wouldn’t get found in the major search engines.

How much is your Website Hosting?
Our Affordable Website Hosting is provided by Becotech for $9 per month (not $25 or $50), including E-Mail. Becotech can also Register Your Domain Name which runs only $10 per year. Contact Becotech at 1-888-323-2326.

What makes Blue Ridge Media different?
With over 15 years in the North Carolina Website Design business – We’ve seen it all! Some other North Carolina Web Designers “nickel-and-dime” you for simple changes – like adding a link, force you to use their over priced hosting services and domain registration, charge you to fix their own typos, register your domain in their name, or lock your domain name, so you can’t switch hosting companies or web designers! We don’t operate our business this way!

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, a 50% deposit is required before we begin your web design. The balance is due within 30 days of your website going life.

How long will it take to design my website?
Your website will online usually within 3 to 5 business days, depending on our workload.

What’s included with my web design?
Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submissions are always included with your Blue Ridge Media web design.

Our Standard Coding includes:
• Sitemap – Lists all files and change dates
• JavaScript E-Mail Encoding – Less SPAM
• Robots.txt – Keeps robots out of files
• .htaccess – Powerful server side code
• Style Sheets – Standard Look and Feel
• Favicon – Tiny Branding Icon
• Apple Touch Icon – iOS Branding Icon
StatCounter – Unique Visitors Counter

Optional Coding Features can include:
Google AnalyticsYour Google Account
YouTube Video – Your YouTube Account
QuickTime Video / Audio
MP3 Audio / Music or Voice
FancyBox Photo Display
Slideshow Cycle
Photo Zoom
HD Video Sample 1
HD Video Sample 2

Who is my domain name registered to?
Your domain name will be registered to you, and to you only. Beware of web design companies that register your domain name in their name – They own it, not you.

Should I register multiple domain names?
No! I always shutter when I hear a new web design customer has gone out and registered multiple domain names, thinking this will give them some sort of advantage in the Major Search Engines – It won’t. Multiple Domain names always spells big trouble! We recommend using only one domain name per physical website. Having multiple domain names can get you banned from Google for Duplicate Content. This can sometimes take 3 to 6 months to resolve. If you already have multiple domain names and are having SEO problems in Google, you may want to do a server side ‘301 Redirect’ them. Check your Page Rank Score, and keep the domain name with the highest Score.

Do you charge for website updates?
Not very often. We provide free adjustments to your website within the first 90 days. Afterwards, simple website text changes under 15 minutes are always performed free of charge. If takes us longer to print your web design invoice, your web design changes are on us. We do charge for any Photoshop work because it takes a lot of time to process photos correctly.

Can you reduce my SPAM?
The best way to reduce SPAM is to never publish your E-Mail Address online. Robots search the Internet for the ‘at’ sign, and will collect your E-Mail Address and resell it. We use an external JavaScript file for your E-Mail Address, which eliminates having to code your E-Mail address into your website, which can reduce your SPAM. If your E-Mail address starts getting too much SPAM, we recommend picking another one.

Ask A Web Designer

Do you update or take over other people’s websites?
No. Most websites are riddled with coding errors, so it would take us longer to fix all the errors, than to design a new, error free website. New Web Designs Only Please.

Do you outsource any work overseas?
Never! Unlike some other web design companies, who outsource their web designs to remote locations like India or Eastern Europe, your website is Designed in the USA, by English speaking American Citizens. We design and code your website ourselves, right here in North Carolina.

What Search Engines do you submit to?
We submit your website to Google, Bing and DMOZ. Yahoo uses Bing’s directory. It can often take 2 to 3 months for a brand new domain name to get indexed, so please be patient. Once your website is indexed by the major search engines, there’s no need to keep submitting it every month. Each time we make a change to your website, we update your sitemap date, which tells the major search engines to index your website. You’ll need to setup your own personal Google Maps Account, which requires Your Personal Google Account and your mailed PIN.

What kind of Privacy can I expect?
Having signed ‘The Official Secrets Act’, I take your privacy very seriously! The only password we maintain is your FTP password, which we require to upload and update your website. For privacy reasons, we don’t maintain any of your other passwords, including your E-Mail password or your domain name registration password.

Who sets up my Internet Accounts?
For privacy reasons, it’s your responsibility to setup your Personal Internet Accounts; Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, E-Mail, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Mals E-Commerce, etc. For privacy reasons, we don’t maintain any of your Personal Internet Account passwords.

Who sets up my E-Mail Accounts?
Your E-Mail Accounts are part of your website hosting package. This is setup and administered by your website hosting company, like Becotech, for example. For privacy reasons, we don’t maintain your E-Mail passwords.

Do you design E-Commerce websites?
Yes. We can design you a small E-Commerce websites, which use external order processing services, such as Mals E-Commerce or Paypal. If you need a large shopping cart website or a database website, please contact Becotech at 1-888-323-2326.

E-Commerce Sites – Mals or Paypal?
Mals E-Commerce is free, but requires you to have your own merchant account to process credit cards. Paypal handles the entire transaction, including processing credit cards. There is a small fee involved with Paypal.

Why is W3C Validation important to me?
W3C Validation is the Quality Control Standard for all Web Designs. This verifies that your website is Error Free, and will function correctly and look the same on different browsers, computer platforms and mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. All of our websites pass W3C Validation. Very few web design companies can honestly say that.

Can you a block country from my website?
Yes we can. Unfortunately not all countries play very well with others on the Internet – Nigeria for example, is well known for their Internet scams, and is one country we love to block. We can block any country or a list of countries from ever viewing your website. This process is still experimental and it isn’t 100% effective, but it can help reduce overseas SPAM and fraud. Contact Us for more information.

Can I update my website myself?
Yes, but unless you know HTML code very well, it’s best left to up to a professional web designer, because you can very easily mess up the code – We have seen happen many times before. If we turn your website over to you – You are on your own from that point onwards – We will not take the website back to fix your coding errors. You can’t have two people updating the same website – There can only be one master file – The one we maintain. If you require a Dynamic Website, which uses a do it yourself control panel, contact Becotech at 1-888-323-2326.

What Web Fonts am I limited to?
A few years ago, most websites were limited to only a few user installed computer fonts, such as Times and Arial – Pretty boring stuff from a web designer’s point of view. Today, we have access to over 600 open source Google Web Fonts, optimized for your website, free to use from Google Web Fonts. These Google Web Fonts load automatically whenever your web page loads. The entire process is seamless. Our website uses the font Roboto, which is very easy to read, white over black.

How long have you been designing websites?
I started designing HTML websites for Motorola in 1995, in Austin, Texas. In 1998, we founded Blue Ridge Media in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Carolina. Today we have Web Design Customers in over 15 States.

What web design program do you use?
We use Adobe Products. I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator since 1986, and Adobe Photoshop since 1988. Your website is coded using standard HTML code, which can be opened and edited by any simple text editor. We don’t use any proprietary web design software.

Can I get a copy of my website on CD?
Of course. We will include all of your HTML code, JavaScript, graphics and layered Photoshop files that we used to design your website with.

Can you provide me with any references?
Please visit our References page for a list of customer references and customer comments. Please feel free to contact ANY of our web design customers for a reference or recommendation.

Where is your web design office located?
Unlike some other North Carolina Website Design Companies, we don’t pretend to have web design offices in New York, Hollywood, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro or Winston Salem. We’re a home based web design business, located right off the Blue Ridge Parkway between Blowing Rock and Boone, North Carolina.

Can you recommend an Internet Provider?
We use Charter Internet. We get fast 60 Mbps Internet, which is 20x faster than our old telephone 3 Mbps DSL.

Can I ask other web design questions?
Certainly. Call us at 1-828-265-2730 (9–5 M–F) or Get A Quote Now.

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Domain Name Registration

North Carolina Web Design by Blue Ridge Media – Domain Name RegistrationRegister Your Domain Name. Domain names are registered in your name, and not to the web designer or host.
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