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Blue Ridge Media
1998 – 2013

“Scott has that Ying and Yang which makes him an exceptionally talented individual.”
~ Jeff Hunter
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About Us – Our Experience

Scott – Creative Director

North Carolina Web Designers – ScottHi, I’m Scott, an Electronic Engineering Technologist and ‘Silicon Valley Refugee’. I’ve worked in the computer industry since 1979 for Corporations such as; IBM, Amdahl, Apple and Motorola. Let my many years of experience work for you!

Meta – Photographer

North Carolina Web Designers – MetaHi, I’m Meta, a Freelance Nature Photographer, Registered Nurse and Inpatient Physicians Group Care Coordinator. I’m the Photographer. My photography skills complement our husband and wife web design team.

Scott – My Experience

North Carolina Web Design by Blue Ridge Media – Web Design ExperienceI’ve been designing websites since 1995 – Web Design is Still My Passion Today!

35 Years Computer Industry Experience
• Electronic Engineering Tech – 1979
• IBM Field Engineer – 1979
• IBM Mainframe Specialist – 1981
• Apple Macintosh Guru – 1984
• Desktop Publisher – 1985
• Multimedia Developer – 1986
• Apple Support Specialist – 1993
• Commercial Webmaster – 1995
• Founded Blue Ridge Media – 1998
• Search Engine Optimization – 1999
• Blue Ridge Vacations Guide – 2000
• Websites Pass W3C Validation – 2005
• Social Media Promotions – 2010
• iOS Compatible – Flash – RIP – 2012
Energy Star Rated Office – 2013
• jQuery JavaScript Library Plugins – 2013
• 100% Google Web Fonts – 2014
• Apache Server Compression – 2014

We compete with thousands of other North Carolina Web Designers. Our rural North Carolina home based business reduces our office expenses and keeps us competitive.

If you need a Quality Web Design with Effective Search Engine Optimization – Call Us Today at 1-828-265-2730.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

North Carolina Web Design by Blue Ridge Media – Get Started Today In Three Easy StepsStep 1 – Call Us Today at 1-828-265-2730 to discuss your Web Design Ideas and Business Needs. We’ll need to spend a few minutes on the phone with you, before we can get started on your new website.

Step 2 – Register Your Domain Name – such as “”. It’s highly recommended that you choose only 1 Domain Name per physical website. Your Domain Name will be registered in YOUR NAME ONLY – Not to Blue Ridge Media or to Becotech. Keep it under 25 characters if possible. Domain Name Registration runs about $10 per year from Becotech.

Search and Register Your Domain Name...


Step 3 –You’ll need to setup Website Hosting. Becotech can Setup your Website Hosting and Register your Domain Name at the same time. Becotech’s Affordable Website Hosting runs $9 per month

Becotech Hosting and Domain Name Registration: 1-888-323-2326.

Core Values of Web Design

North Carolina Web Design by Blue Ridge Media – Core Values of Web Design
Our Core Values
It’s what’s important to us as a North Carolina Web Designers and as Small Business Entrepreneurs.

Total Customer Satisfaction
– You’re not just building a website – You’re building a long term business relationship with your web designer. Since starting our North Carolina Web Design business in 1998, we’ve seen many North Carolina Web Designers come and go.

If your Web Designer has a surly attitude, “nickel-and-dimes” you for every change, controls your domain name, is slow to respond, has high employee turnover, has questionable business ethics, or has just “disappeared” – Call Us Today!

Quality Web Design – Error Free Code
– Some web designers use cheap, off the shelf web design templates, and don’t learn HTML code. Many of these cheap web design templates are poorly coded and come from overseas. If your Web Designer doesn’t understand HTML code, how they can’t fix all of your HTML coding errors? If your website fails W3C Validation – Call Us Today!

Web Design Experience Matters
– Back in the mid 80’s, anyone with a $3,500 Laser Printer was a “Desktop Publisher”. Today, anyone with a $350 Web Design Program is a “Web Designer”. We started designing websites back when many of our junior competitors were exploring 24 Bit Color by Crayola®. If your web designer blogs for a living, spends all day playing with social media, or works out of their mom’s basement – Call Us Today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Web Design is a “Marketing Business”, not an “Art Exhibition”. There are many “Artistic” and “Animated” websites out there that will never get found in the major search engines, because their Artistic Graphic Designers failed to effectively optimize them for the major search engines. When choosing a web design company, ask to see online proof of their SEO Results.

Look at the top of your website in the Title. If it says “Home”, “Index”, “Untitled Document”, “Untitled” or your URL – Call Us Today!

Excellent Customer Service
– The key to Excellent Customer Service is to always assist your customer, no matter whose problem or fault it is. We’ve learned about excellent customer service many years ago when I was working for Mainframe Technical Support for over 14 years. To experience our “Excellent Customer Service” – Call Us Today!

Honesty and Integrity in Web Design
– It’s important to note that not all North Carolina Web Design Companies operate with the same integrity. Since starting our North Carolina Web Design business in 1998, we’ve run across many customer horror stories regarding some other North Carolina Web Design Companies...

“Our web designer refused to a fix typo and a broken link on our company’s home page, because our monthly maintenance contract had expired. We had to wait another month to get it fixed.”

“Our web designer disappeared and never returned back from his European vacation. Soon afterwards, our website also disappeared.”

“Our web designer mysteriously lost our website, after learning that we were switching to your web design company. We were relieved that you had a pulled a copy of it before it disappeared.”

“Our web designer registered our domain name in their name, then wanted a $500 “transfer fee” when we tried to switch to your web design company. We thought we owned our domain name, because we were paying them $70 a year for it. We had to contact our lawyer. Now our domain name is registered to in our name, and it’s only $10 a year.”

“Our web designer registered our domain name in their name, and refused to give it back to us when we wanted to switch hosting companies. We had to start all over again with a new domain name.”

“Our web designer guaranteed us 10x more hits if we switched to them. They did this by putting an invisible page counter into each of our ten web pages, giving the false illusion that we were receiving 10x more visitors to our website.”

“Our web designer coded a BCC into our website’s email form, allowing them to read all of our incoming emails. When we confronted them about this breach of privacy, they said it must have been left over from testing.”

“Our web designer got us a great deal on website hosting in The Christmas Islands. Every time there was a storm in the South Pacific, our website went offline for days.”

“Our web designer claimed to have a New York City office on prestigious 5th Avenue. When we Googled their address, it came back to a fake mail drop service.”

If your web designer lacks honesty and integrity, reads your E-Mails, pretends to have a big city web design office, or has just disappeared – Call Us Today!

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North Carolina Web Design by Blue Ridge Media – Call Us TodayBlue Ridge Media Web Design
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1-828-265-2730 (9–5 M–F)

Domain Name Registration

North Carolina Web Design by Blue Ridge Media – Domain Name RegistrationRegister Your Domain Name. Domain names are registered in your name, and not to the web designer or host.
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Top Ten Search Engine Ranking Customers

Top Ten Search Engine Ranking Customers

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