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About Us – Experience Matters!

North Carolina Web Design - Boone NC Web Design
We’ve been in the Blowing Rock and Boone North Carolina Web Design business since 1998, back when many of our competitors were discovering 24 bit color by Crayola®.

• 18 Years North Carolina Web Design
• 37 Years in the Computer Industry
• Electronic Engineering Tech – 1979
• IBM Customer Engineer (CE) – 1979
• Amdahl Support Specialist – 1981
Apple Macintosh User – 1984
• Desktop Publisher – 1985
• Multimedia Developer – 1986
• Apple Support Specialist – 1993
• Web Designer – Motorola – 1995
Blue Ridge Media Founded – 1998
Blowing Rock Chamber – 1998
• Search Engine Optimization – 1999
Blue Ridge Vacations Guide – 2000
Blowing Rock Vacations Guide – 2004
• Websites Pass W3C Validation – 2004
Great Smoky Vacations Guide – 2006
Outer Banks Vacations Guide – 2006
Economic Survival Guide – 2009
• Social Media Promotions – 2010
• iOS Compatible – No Flash – 2011
High Country Wellness Guide – 2012
• jQuery JavaScript Plugins – 2013
Made In USA Brand Member – 2013
Google Web Fonts – 2014
• Apache Server Compression – 2014
Mobile Friendly Websites – 2015
• Bing Language Translators – 2015
Winter Driving Tips – 2016
Revolving Amazon Ads – 2016

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Blowing Rock Chamber Member
A Small Family Run Business!

North Carolina Web Design - Boone NC Web Design
When you support a Small Family Run Business like ours, you’re not helping some Fat Cat CEO buy a new Ferrari every year. You’re helping a son get a MacBook Pro for college. A daughter get an iPad Pro for Art School. A mom and dad put food on the table. Thank you for your continued support since 1998!

Scott – Multimedia Developer

North Carolina Web Design - Boone NC Web Design
I’m Scott, an Electronic Engineering Technologist and “California Silicon Valley Refugee”. I’ve worked in the Computer Industry since 1979 for Computer Giants such as; IBM, Amdahl, Apple and Motorola. I’ve been designing custom websites since 1995. In 1998, I founded Blue Ridge Media in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Our rural North Carolina Web Design office overlooks the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our North Carolina High Country location and low business overhead is passed on to our customers in our Affordable Web Design Rates.

Meta – Digital Photographer

North Carolina Web Design - Boone NC Web Design
I’m Meta, a Freelance Nature Photographer, Registered Nurse and Inpatient Physicians Group Care Coordinator at the Watauga Medical Center in Boone NC. I’m the Blue Ridge Media Digital Photographer at Blue Ridge Media. My nature photography skills complement our husband and wife web design team.
Online In 3 To 5 Business Days!

North Carolina Web Design - Boone NC Web Design
Designing and coding a custom website is a lot like putting together a puzzle. It helps to have a picture of the end result and all the pieces. Once we have received all of your photos, graphics, logos and text, most websites are online in 3 to 5 business days!

Register Your Domain Name Here

North Carolina Web Design - Boone NC Web Design
Register Your Domain Name Now on the World Wide Web. It’s highly recommended that you Register only 1 Domain Name per physical website, to avoid duplicate content problems. Try to keep your domain name under 25 characters. Domain Name Registration runs about $12 per year from our affiliate hosting company, Becotech. Becotech can also setup your $10 per month Website Hosting at the same time.

Becotech can be reached at 1-888-323-2326 – 8 AM – 5 PM Pacific.

Made In USA

North Carolina Web Design - Boone NC Web Design
All of our websites are designed and coded in the USA. We don’t outsource any web design work overseas!

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